Production Service AND Location

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Nea project provides service for film and television productions, documentaries, commercials, photo shoot, music videos and takes care of the organization of cultural and artistic events and projects.
Our Team is specialized in offering a full comprehensive service which follows every aspect of Production, from scouting to the identification of the most suitable location and its permits, to the hiring of the crew, casting, local logistic, rent of equipments, catering and hospitality services.


Our team, fluent in French and English, is specialized in offering multimedia production services, and is able to accommodate Italian and foreign productions.

Production Service



Scouting and Permit Location



Hiring Crew



Event Organization and Institutional Project



Budgeting, Scheduling and Review Screenplays


Equipment Rental and RentIng Vehicles


Casting and Minor Permits


Catering and Accomodation


Logistic and Transports