Production Service AND Location

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Production Service

Thanks to the experience gained, Nea project is able to assist productions for films, TV series and programs, documentaries, commercials, photo shoots and music videos.

Scouting and Location Permits

The Nea project takes advantage of a deep knowledge of the territory and its complexities and can count on a vast database of places in response to every need.

Hiring Crew

The Nea project is able to provide qualified and experienced personnel for all types of requests.

Budgeting, Scheduling and Review Screenplays

The Nea project can draw up estimates,prepare functional work Scheduling and provide useful tips for reviewing the screenplays.

Casting and Minor Permits

The Nea project avails itself of the direct experience and that of valid professionals in the sector to realize casting of actors, permits of minors, street casting and extras.

Equipment Rental and RentIng Vehicles

The Nea project has for years identified reliable material rental companies and freight rental companies, with which it has established privileged and trustworthy relationships.

Event Organization and Institutional Projects

The Nea project has exploited its experience making it available for the organization of events and projects with a strong social and institutional content.

Catering and Accomodation

The Nea project collaborates with structures and suppliers with whom it has established a privileged relationship and is therefore able to guarantee the best quality – price ratio.

Logistic and Transports

The Nea project has for years identified reliable companies that offer the best transportation for the cinema and professionals who guarantee transport and crew transfer in safety.